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Will Boggs

Will Boggs Unshakable Destiny : From Tragedy To Triumph (Paperback)

Will Boggs Unshakable Destiny : From Tragedy To Triumph (Paperback)

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We all have plans for our life's purpose. On Highway 301 the God of miracles intercepted my plans, and changed the course of my life. One rainy night, while traveling with my family for Spring Break, I was hit by a semi and pronounced dead. God used the accident in a powerful way, but it would take years for me to realize that.
They said I was dead, but they
were wrong!
At the trauma unit, I was nameless, but God knew me! The surgeon said that my brain was severed, and I couldn't survive, but I was still connected to Jesus. The doctors were puzzled, but God was already working out His perfect plan. I was broken into pieces, but the Master Builder had a plan to put them back together. When Jesus was on earth, He would break bread to feed the crowds. He did this with me !
God had blessed me with a wonderful family and life. When tragedy struck, for many months, doctors told my family that I was not "alive" in the truest sense. But I was more alive than ever! When I awoke from the coma, my heart burned for this generation. After listening to Banning Liebscher's preaching I was compelled to awaken a generation with the love of Jesus. Now I was ready to be given.
This is a story of restoration, perseverance, faith, and God's healing power. You will see that, God can restore your life's broken, hopeless areas. The same love of God that healed my paralyzed body is there to save and heal you! God's plans for you are for hope and healing. He has great plans for you, no matter how you feel. Jesus is waiting to awaken you and breathe His resurrection life into you; Get ready!

Unshakable Destiny: From Tragedy To Triumph (Paperback)





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Will Boggs


Unshakable Destiny



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