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Vijay Singh Rathore; Subhash Chander Sharma; Joao Manuel R S Tavares

Vijay Singh Rathore; Subhash Chander Sharma; Joao Manuel R S Tavares Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems: Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions : Proceedings of Ficr-Teas 2022 (Series #434) (Paperback)

Vijay Singh Rathore; Subhash Chander Sharma; Joao Manuel R S Tavares Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems: Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions : Proceedings of Ficr-Teas 2022 (Series #434) (Paperback)

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A Novel Approach for Detecting Online Malware Detection Using Performance Metrics Using LSTMRNN and BRNN Based Recurrent Neural Network in Cloud Environment.- Analytical Study of Augmented Reality Simulation System Application on Paintings.- A New Model SATV for Sentiment Analysis of Hinglish Sentences.- Characterization of Molecular Dynamic Trajectory using K-means clustering.- Data Warehouse Modernization using Document-Oriented ETL Framework for Real Time Analytics.- Opinion Mining for Breast Cancer Disease Using Apriori and K-Modes Clustering Algorithm.- Deep learning approach based on ADASYN for detection of Web attacks in the CICIDS2017 dataset.- FUNDUS and OCT Image Classification using Deep Learning Techniques.- A Secure Framework for the Deployment of Microservices using Cloud Container Technology.- Time Series Analytics - A fuel to Data Science in forecasting Analytics for time stamped data.- Sparse Autoencoder and Deep learning based Framework for Multi-label Classification of Chronic Diseases.- A Comparative study of different machine learning based feature extraction techniques in bacterial image classification.- Cloud removal and satellite image reconstruction using Deep Learning based Image inpainting approaches.- A Novel Cipher Technique using Substitution and Transposition Methods.- Edge Computing: State of Art with Current challenges and future opportunities.- Deep Learning and Machine Learning Approaches for the Classification of Personality Traits: Review.- Two Level Priority Task Scheduling Algorithm For Real Time IoT Based Storage Condition Assessment System.- Intrusion Detection of Internet of Things Botnet Attacks using Data Mining Technique.- Code Tamper-proofing using Return Oriented Programming in IoT Devices.- Conversion of Punjabi Sign Language using Animation.- Deep Learning based Classification of Microscopic Fungal Images.- Application of Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Linear Regression in Predicting Consumer Attitude towards Use of Mobile Wallet.- Securing Unauthorized Access to Cloud Data Storage.- A Survey on Water Usage Optimization using Artificial Intelligence in Agricultural Sector.- The Role of Artificial Neural Network in Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) - A Survey.- Covid-19 Challenges for digital education and critical analysis.- Cloud Computing: Concepts and Techniques with Service Provider Analysis.- Analyzing Frequency Rhythms in Posed and Spontaneous Emotions Using Time- Intensity of EEG Signals.- Improving Classification Performance Using The Semi-Pivoted QR approximation algorithm.- Comparative Study on Video Based Face Recognition Methods.- An Innovative Framework based Algorithmic Approach for Object Detection.- Smart Bus Concept of COVID-19 Prevention using Face-Bio Keys.- Data Integration Solutions - A Key to the Cloud Migration.- A Proposed Structure, primarily based totally on Cloud Computing for Enhancing Electronic Commerce Applications.- Deep Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) Based Irrigation System for Cultivation of Paddy Crop.- Review of Machine Learning Techniques for Analysis of Medical Data Sets.- Incorporating contextual information in prediction based word embedding models.- Distributed Cloud Data Center for Efficient Services in Logistics Management.- Plants Disease Detection using Image Processing using Tensor flow: A boon to agriculture.- Data Visualisation using Self-Organising Maps.- SQL Injection Attacks, Detection Techniques on Web Application Databases.- Deep Learning Based Brain Tumor Segmentation: Recent Updates.- Mobile Application for Smart Agriculture in India: "An Analytical Approach".- Offline handwritten character recognition of Gujarati characters using convolutional neural network.- Forecasting Solar Energy on Time Frame: A Review.- Framework for Faster Index Search.- Image Classification by Optimized Convolution Neural Networks.- Benefits of Mining Fashion Data.- Current state of Engineering Education in India: Student Teacher scena Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems: Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions: Proceedings of Ficr-Teas 2022 (Paperback)




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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems


Springer Nature Singapore

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B Surendiran, Vijay Singh Rathore, Catarina Moreira, Subhash Chander Sharma, Joao Manuel R S Tavares


Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions



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July, 2022

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