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VEVOR Car Air Dryer Blower 8.0hp Powered Temp High Velocity Car Dryer Air Blower 110V & 12 ft Flexible Hose for Car Wash Water Drying Machine

VEVOR Car Air Dryer Blower 8.0hp Powered Temp High Velocity Car Dryer Air Blower 110V & 12 ft Flexible Hose for Car Wash Water Drying Machine

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Brand Introduction

VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees,VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR has occupied markets of more than 200 countries with 10 million plus global members.
Why Choose VEVOR?
    1.Tough Quality Assurance
    2.Incredibly Low Prices
    3.Fast & Secure Delivery
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Product Description

VEVOR Car Dryer Blower
8Hp Dual Motor, 62000FPM, 33ft Flexible Hose
Safest Car Dryer
Our car dryer blower uses warm, dry, filtered clean air to provide an easy and safer drying experience without the chance of scratching your expensive color or smearing the finish.
Quick Drying
With the powerful clean air produced by the motor, this car air blower can dry your car in the shortest period compared to other traditional ways.
33 FT Long Hose
Our car dryer comes with a 33 feet long self-expanding&retracting rubber hose. It is long enough for you to move around your vehicle and save the effort of moving the car dryer blower itself.
Absolute Control
Our car dryer starts slowly and safely, and you can adjust the level of the air power based on which car parts you are drying so that you can have absolute control of the whole process.
Easy to Use
This car dryer is designed with four swivel casters so that you can move it around your car effortlessly to make sure all area is covered and the non-slip lifting handle also offers you huge convenience.
Wide Application
The car dryer blower has been widely used by many buyers mainly to dry their beloved automobiles, and it can also be used as a tool to clean leaves or dry your lovely pet.


Main Material: Pure Steel
Hose Length: 33 Ft / 10 M
Wind Speed: 62000FPM
Wind Force: 950G
Motor: 8Hp
Flow Rate: 320CFM
Voltage: 110V
Voltage Frequency: 60HZ
Power: 1800W
Power Cord Length: 16.4 Ft / 5 M

Package Content

1 x Car Dryer Blower
1 x 33 Ft Flexible Hose
2 x Air Nozzles
  • The Safest Method: Our car dryer blower uses filtered, clean, and warm air to dry cars in a non-contact way. It will not damage the paint, scratch, or stain your beloved cars like towels or other tools are used.
  • Powerful Car Dryer: This car air dryer is durable with pure-steel body. The 8hp double motor provides 320CFM 62000FPM mighty wind; the 33ft long flexible hose enables you to move around freely and quickly dry your car.
  • Multi-level Speed: During the car drying process, you can adjust the wind force by rotating the button on the car blower according to the actual situation to gain absolute control and achieve a better drying effect.
  • Ergonomic Design: Our car wash dryer is equipped with four swivel casters and one portable lifting handle. Therefore it is very convenient for you to move it around and dry your car in all directions.
  • Wide Application: The car blower is suitable for all kinds of vehicles and automobiles, and it's mainly used for blow-drying before waxing inside and outside the car or after washing the car and cleaning the engine compartment.


Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

47.00 x 16.00 x 31.00 Inches

SKU: WA318853021

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