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Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color Spray 3 oz Black, Quick Dry

Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color Spray 3 oz Black, Quick Dry

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Add a funky touch to your next craft project with Tulip Black Fabric Spray Paint. This extremely tough paint can be applied to almost any fabric surface, providing a finish that will stay there permanently. The fabric color spray is suitable for adding stencil text or patterns to fabric projects such as garments or a variety of home wares. The black color will provide an easy-to-see pattern on any light-colored surface on a wide variety of materials. It provides an even coating so that every spot of your garment has the same level of opacity. Each can of this product contains 3 oz of paint. The paint dries enough for you to add your second coat in only 5 minutes, so your projects are quicker.

Tulip® Color Shot Instant Fabric Color Spray 3 oz Black, Quick Dry, Even Coverage:

  • Deliver a professional touch to your next art or craft project with Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color
  • Extremely tough spray paint for clothes will adhere to almost any fabric surface
  • Durable paint provides permanent coverage to your craft project
  • Deep black color pairs well with any light-colored material
  • Ideal for creating stencil text or patterns on fabric designs such as T-shirts or jeans
  • Contains 3 oz. (85g) of premium-quality paint
  • Fabric color spray is also available in other shades (each sold separately)
  • Optimal product for creating custom T-shirts for personal or professional projects
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