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TRICO Gold 2 Pack All Weather Automotive Replacement Wiper Blades 26 and 16 Inch (18-2616)

TRICO Gold 2 Pack All Weather Automotive Replacement Wiper Blades 26 and 16 Inch (18-2616)

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TRICO GOLD All-Weather Universal Beam Wiper Blades 

TRICO Gold All-Weather Universal Beam Windshield Wiper Blades are tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles. Trico Gold two-pack automotive replacement blades are a step up from conventional blades. These Trico wipers are durable all-weather blades that feature Memory Curve Steel for a uniform pressure that provides a clean, clear wipe on modern day curved windshields. The TRICO Gold model 18-2616 includes a 26 inch and a 16 inch beam blade packaged together in a two-pack designed specifically for your vehicle's blade lengths. Trico Gold blades feature an exclusive dual-point coupler to help eliminate streaking, and our exclusive SWIFT Easy Connection Technology which allows for quick and easy wiper replacement.



  • Easy Installation: Trico Gold wiper blades are easy to install for a quick DIY wiper blade replacement. Instructions included.
  • Clean, Crisp and Clear: Trico wipers can withstand rain, wind, snow, mud or other debris to provide a clean, streak-free windshield. 
  • Close Contact Curvature:  Memory Curve Steel provides the closest contact with today's modern, curved windshields for the clearest wipe. 
  • Strength and Durability: Trico Gold all-weather wipers are long lasting and are tested to perform over 1.5 million cycles.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Packaging:  No plastic packaging! TRICO Gold 2 pack wiper blades come in an easy-to-open and sustainable cardboard package. 



Drivers using their vehicles for basic daily needs may not spend much time thinking about maintenance. For those who turn the key and go without worrying about maintenance needs, the time between wiper blade changes could be a few months to a year too long. It is only when the blades are worn to the point that they can no longer clear the windshield that these drivers decide they need new blades. If you see any of the four signs listed below, then it is time to replace your vehicle’s wiper blades. 

Leaving Streaks on Your Windshield - When blades are bent or damaged, they will become less effective at clearing your windshield of rain, snow, sleet and other road elements. Under grueling pressure, blades will eventually start leaving streaks where the rubber is no longer snug against the windshield. In many cases, wear or blade damage is the cause of these streaks. Wipers are rendered ineffective when the rubber element is tattered or the blade is bent. However, there is another potential cause for drivers who live in a sunny, dry climate. Long periods of UV exposure can dry out the rubber elements in your wiper blades, leading them to break down. Dried out blades have a very difficult time gliding smoothly and snugly across the windshield.

Squeaking Noises During Operation - Unpleasant high-pitched noises shouldn’t accompany wiper blade operation. If you hear squeaks every time you turn on your wipers, this could indicate a number of issues, including: 1) Debris or grime build-ups, a problem you can fix yourself with window cleaner, 2) A dry windshield caused by a lack of washer fluid, 3) Worn or damaged rubber elements causing wiper structure to touch, and potentially damage, windshield glass.

Chatter Caused by Extreme TemperatureExtreme heat or low temperatures can cause chatter, or the loss of ability to smoothly pivot back and forth. Permanent set, caused by exposure to extreme heat, occurs when the rubber element is fixed in one position. On the other hand, frigid temperatures can stiffen the element, causing cold set and limiting wiping abilities. Chatter can be addressed using premium beam wiper blades that offer longer lasting rubber and better performance in any weather condition. 

Aging and Advanced Wear - Wiper blades spend their service life putting up with rain, snow, sleet, road debris, bugs and bird droppings. These harsh elements make aging, or regular wear, inevitable, and they make regular replacement a priority. A general rule is to change wiper blades every six months, though extreme conditions could necessitate a shorter time before wipers need to be replaced.



Designed for easy DIY installation, Low-profile, stylish design eliminates clogging for optimum visibility



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