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Tire Yokohama Geolandar X-AT LT 235/80R17 Load E 10 Ply AT A/T All Terrain

Tire Yokohama Geolandar X-AT LT 235/80R17 Load E 10 Ply AT A/T All Terrain

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Yokohama Geolandar X-AT


  • All terrain traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Damage resistant performance
  • Longer lasting tread life


The Yokohama Geolandar X-AT is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for light trucks. Yokohama offers a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty.

The tread design improves the all terrain traction. The aggressive tread and upper sidewall design improve the models off-terrain grip. The staggered tread blocks and high void ratio manage to ensure the tires soft, loose and uneven terrain grip, while the upper sidewalls detail provides additional sideway biting edges to grip onto the road surface during the drive. The high void ratio and staggered blocks also keep the footprint clean of mud and snow. They prevent mud and snow from blocking the tires surface contact, which ensures its deep mud and loose terrain traction. This combination enhances the driving safety levels during the tires off-road performance.

The model is able to perform on all terrain surface conditions without getting damaged. This is the result of the models ideal self-cleaning ability and the reinforced internal structure. The treads self-cleaning nature prevents stone retention. It ejects rocks stuck between the tread elements, before they can drill into the tread area and harm the casing. On the other hand, the Geo-Shield technology prevents punctures and cuts from shortening the tires service life. The special dual sidewall protectors optimize the road contact to prevent impact damage while the tires are in motion. As a result, the model performs in a secure manner on all terrain surface conditions.

The tread design and the stronger construction improve the models controllability. The reinforced Geo-Shield structure and the ideal tread designs constant surface contact improve the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The better surface contact boosts the steering response time and accuracy to the drivers commands, while the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the model. The structure features a high turn-up carcass and a full nylon cap reinforcement which boosts the load and driving durability. They enhance the load carrying and withstanding capability without allowing the tires ideal shape to deform under the pressure. In this manner, the tire increases the performing capability.

The Geolandar X-AT promotes a longer tread life. The tire utilizes its tread design and tire compound to ensure a longer usability. The elliptical surface contact area improves the pressure distribution along the tread area. The equally spread out force of acceleration, cornering and braking avoids irregular wear formations across the tread area. The durable HD-2 compound manages to decrease the tread wear rate while the tires are in motion. This allows the model to prevent premature wear with the compounds wear-resistant rubber materials. The result is a lengthened even wear, which elongates the models service life.

  • Size: 235 80R17
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: All Terrain
  • Car Type: Light Truck
  • Load Range: E (10 Ply)
  • Product May Vary From Picture
  • Tire Rim Not Included



Size: 235 80R17, Season: All Season, Performance: All Terrain, Car Type: Light Truck

Tire Size


Vehicle Type

Light Truck

Tire Width


Wheel Diameter

17 Inches

Tire Speed Rating


Tire Season


Tread Depth




Assembled Product Weight

50.89 lb



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