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Thrustmaster T128 P Racing Wheel - Playstation 5

Thrustmaster T128 P Racing Wheel - Playstation 5

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Your first feel of racing with the Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel for PS5™/PS4™ and PC.  Optimized Force Feedback system with a lightweight wheel rim, to experience your first racing thrills. Modern, versatile wheel rim design, featuring engine speed LEDs. Precise T-MP magnetic paddle shifters for clear activation feel. Frictionless T2PM magnetic pedal set for enhanced precision and no mechanical wear.

  • Versatility and velocity

    • Modern wheel rim design featuring 13 buttons:perfect for all types of racing simulation
    • Lightweight wheel rim, taking advantage of all the Force Feedback system’s power
  • Experience your first racing thrills

    • Dynamic Force Feedback: renders fun, intuitive racing sensations (the road or track's surface feel, loss of tire grip, bumps and impacts, the vehicle’s weight) in  different types of vehicle-oriented games (F1, GT, rally, trucks, farming)
    • 270° to 900° rotation: automatically adjusts according to the vehicle being used in the game
    • Hybrid mechanism: next-generation belt-pulley and gears system, with optical reading of the wheel’s position for smooth, seamless power
  • T-MP (Thrustmaster Magnetic Paddles)

    • 2 magnetic paddle shifters combining incredibly precise position measurement (thanks to H.E.A.R.T technology) with super-clear, spring-style activation feel

    T2PM included

    • 2-pedal pedal set featuring frictionless H.E.A.R.T magnetic sensors with no potentiometers, for enhanced precision that won’t decrease over time


Video Game Platform

PlayStation 5





Compatible Devices

Playstation 4, Playstation 5

Assembled Product Weight

9 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

11.80 x 10.20 x 11.00 Inches

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