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The Money Guy; The Tax Guy

The Money Guy; The Tax Guy Most Lawyers Are Liars - The Truth About Taxes (Paperback)

The Money Guy; The Tax Guy Most Lawyers Are Liars - The Truth About Taxes (Paperback)

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392,000 copies in print.

Warning Entrepreneurs!

This book has the ability to help you pay less in taxes like never before, create a mindset like the top 1%, help you get the most out of your business, and get you to take action over your business. Results may vary. Please read with caution.

The infamous Most Lawyers Are Liars industry outlaw partners are back with a vengeance in the fifth installment of their book series diving into The Truth About Taxes. The anonymous masked trio is combining their industry superpowers again to teach you everything you didn't know you need to know about building and maintaining a successful small business, a must-read for all aspiring and established entrepreneurs or small biz owner looking to take the bull out of the day-to-day s*it.

Standby for industry insider insight into how pay less in taxes, getting the tax breaks you need, and solutions to the biggest problems facing all small businesses with a generous helping of sarcasm and all the laughs.

Who are these guys, anyway? The Money Guy and The Tax Guy AKA the masked duo collectively has over twenty-five years of venture capitalism, built over 18K businesses and filed taxes for over 30K small to billion-dollar corporations. To date, no one knows their true identities to protect their names from an industry against sharing insider information.

Most Lawyers Are Liars - The Truth About Taxes (Paperback)





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The Money Guy, The Tax Guy


Most Lawyers Are Liars - The Truth About Taxes



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February, 2023

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