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Tetra AquaSafe Fish Tank Water Conditioner, 16.9 oz.

Tetra AquaSafe Fish Tank Water Conditioner, 16.9 oz.

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Tetra Gun AquaSafe Fish Tank Water Conditioner, 16.9 oz Tetra brand is a name you can trust in the aquatics industry. With decades of proven performance and high-quality products, it's no wonder Tetra is the go-to brand for aquatics beginners and veterans alike. Create a safe environment for your pet fish with Tetras AquaSafe Fish Tank Water Conditioner. Tap water and well water contain dangerous substances like chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals that must be neutralized for the health and safety of your fish. It quickly removes or neutralizes heavy metals as well as substances such as chlorine, making the water suitable for aquatic life. AquaSafe BioExtract formula contains seaweed extracts (biopolymers), which support the development of beneficial filter bacteria for healthy and clear water. The added ingredients help to reduce aquarium pollution by strengthening the bacterial bed. Monthly use is recommended to ensure proper safety and the overall health of your fish. It is an essential item in any collection of aquarium supplies.

Tetra Gun AquaSafe Fish Tank Water Conditioner, 16.9 oz

Product Features 

  • Neutralize dangerous substances in tap water
  • Creates a healthier environment for your fish
  • AquaSafe's BioExtract formula uses seaweed extracts that promote beneficial bacterial growth
  • Strengthens the bacterial bed
  • In combination with your filter, will help to clear up your aquarium's water
  • Monthly use is recommended for most aquariums 





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