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TERRO 3 lb Ant Killer Plus Multi-Purpose Insect Control, 1 pack

TERRO 3 lb Ant Killer Plus Multi-Purpose Insect Control, 1 pack

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Create a barrier against ants, fire ants, roaches, fleas, earwigs and more with TERRO Ant Killer Plus. This fast-acting treatment works within 24 hours to keep your home free of the most persistent pest insects, while also offering residual control. For increased effectiveness, this product can be applied as a perimeter treatment around the foundation of your home, spread on lawns, or used a spot treatment on ant hills and fire ant mounds. TERRO Ant Killer Plus is packaged in a resealable shaker bag to allow for easy application. Simply open the top, grab the handle located at the bottom of the bag, and start spreading the granules. There’s no need to use a spreader. To apply as a perimeter treatment, create a 3 to 10 foot band of granules along your foundation. To treat ant hills (except fire ants), apply 1 to 2 teaspoons on granules over and around the ant hill. Be sure to water the granules lightly immediately following application. To control fire ants, apply ½ cup of granules over, and 2 feet around each mound. After apply, gently water the product with a minimum of a gallon of water to each mound area. Avoid using a high-pressure hose, which could disturb the ants and cause migration.

  • Kills, ants, fire ants, cockroaches, fleas and other insects.
  • Fast acting granules kill insects in 24 hours.
  • Keep insects out use as band treatment around house foundations and on lawns, or as a spot treatment on ant hills.
  • Convenient, resealable shaker bag  no spreader required.
  • For outdoor use only.



Multi-purpose insect control



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