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Super Deal Mobotron Standard Laptop Mount with Accessories

Super Deal Mobotron Standard Laptop Mount with Accessories

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The Super Deal Mobotron Laptop Mount is designed for vehicles. It comes with accessories, including a supporting brace, cooling fan and screen stabilizers. This car laptop mount is a heavy-duty versatile stand that allows vehicle passengers and drivers to easily access their device. It utilizes a hand-control pan for adjustment of the tray to best suit personal needs. This stand offers a patented, no-drilling, bolt-on mounting solution for easily installation in just a few minutes. It can be used in sedans, heavy/light trucks, SUVs and minivans. This laptop holder with accessories comes with two quick-release levers and knob-screws that allow users to fine tune the adjustments to the deck. It has a durable aluminum telescoping tube and a locking system. The supporting brace on this Super Deal Mobotron Laptop Mount keeps it from wobbling while in use.
Super Deal Mobotron Standard Laptop Mount with Accessories:
  • Can secure most electronic devices from 9.7"-17"
  • Aluminum telescoping tube and quick-release locking system
  • Sure-Grip laptop deck with extendable rear and front sliding bracket
  • No-drilling universal mounting base
  • Laptop holder with accessories can be applied to most vehicles
  • Easy installation; can be installed within 10 minutes
  • Hand-control pan allows you to adjust tray vertically (180 degrees) and horizontally (360 degrees)
  • Car laptop mount has 2 quick-release levers and knob-screws to allow users to adjust deck into the best working station
  • Pre-installed cooling fan maintains a constant temperature
  • Supporting brace keeps the laptop mount from wobbling




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