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Stetson Original Cologne Spray for Men, 2.25 fl oz

Stetson Original Cologne Spray for Men, 2.25 fl oz

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Stetson Original Eau de Cologne, Cologne Spray for Men, 2.25 fl oz

Stetson Original Mens Cologne Spray embodies the authentic heritage and spirit of the American West. Stetsons is more than cowboy cologne for men; the iconic Stetson Man can never be tamed or fenced in and has an authentic style that telegraphs who he is without saying a word. Stetsons woodsy cologne for men carries on this legacy and represents the pride, passion, and confidence of the pioneers. Stetsons cologne decanter contains a scent that is a true American original, embodying rugged independence and individualism. The striking, clean, masculine male fragrance features top notes of lime, lavender, clary sage, bergamot, and lemon. Middle notes include carnation, patchouli, orris root, jasmine, vetiver, cedar, and geranium with base notes of honey, tonka bean, amber, musk, and vanilla. It could be a great mens fall cologne, but its an ideal everyday male fragrance. Stetson Original cologne for men also produces a cooling sensation that makes skin feel smooth and helps reduce skin irritation after shaving for added versatility. Stetson scents embody the American spirit.

  • Stetson is the stuff of legend – men’s cologne scent embodies frontiers, rugged individualism, ingenuity, and destiny
  • Long an icon of the old West – tumbleweed restlessness speaks to the American quest for freedom, independence, and expression
  • Male fragrance that’s headstrong at first with bold notes of citrus and sage, then settles into easy, woody swagger
  • Warmth and depth emerge with time, as temperate as the western wind
  • Musk cologne for men that harnesses the romance of American landscapes
  • Smells like sage after a rain, woody musk of a stand of firs, purple mountains heady with the scent of lavender
  • Meticulously crafted sandalwood cologne for men
  • Men’s cologne spray scent that can never be fenced in
  • Stetson is authentic embodiment of American spirit of driving to forge our own paths, push boundaries, and continually reinvent ourselves since 1865

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