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Samsung VG-SOCR15/ZA 15m One Invisible Connection Cable

Samsung VG-SOCR15/ZA 15m One Invisible Connection Cable

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Invisible Connection™ is designed as a single cable for power and data that blends into the background.

Clean look and cable length help avoid cable mess and clutter behind the TV.

The Power of Less

The Samsung One Invisible Connection™ cable¹ minimizes clutter and uses a single near-invisible cable to connect your QLED or QLED 8K to external devices including the power source. The result is a seamless surface that hides cables and integrates beautifully in your home.

Designing Away From the Outlet

With 15m the One Connect Box™ can be positioned out of view. Reimagine your TV where you want it not where it plugs in.

Blends With Your Home

Say goodbye to messy tangled wires. Hide all your device connections with the One Invisible Connection™ Cable and your space will never be the same.

Compatible Models

  • Extended Cable Length for a Clean Look
  • Blends with your home. One cord. No clutter
  • Stunning from any angle and fits seamlessly with any living space. Lose the clutter and invite the design.






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