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Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry Green Reactions Set: RSC (Hardcover)

Royal Society of Chemistry Green Reactions Set: RSC (Hardcover)

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Green Chemistry seeks to reduce or remove the use and generation of hazardous substances from chemical processes. This selection of titles is drawn from the RSC's Green Chemistry book series, and presents a wealth of information for anyone wishing to implement a Green Chemistry approach to the synthesis of chemicals and materials.

This set contains the following volumes:

Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Fine Chemicals (ISBN 9781847559081) 312 pages, 2009
Edited by Roberto Ballini

This book is devoted to the preparation of fine chemicals by new emerging approaches in the field of eco-friendly processes and procedures.

Aqueous Microwave Assisted Chemistry (ISBN 9781849730389) 240 pages, 2010
Edited by Vivek Polshettiwar and Rajender S Varma

Provides a comprehensive overview of the various processes developed using aqueous microwave chemistry, which is an environmentally, friendly green chemistry technique.

Enatioselective Homogenous Supported Catalysis (ISBN 9781849731768) 300 pages, 2011
Edited by Radovan Sebesta

This book covers the most important concepts of homogeneous supported catalysis with an emphasis on enantioselective processes. It describes the state of the art and latest developments in each area while critically evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of this important method.

Sustainable Preparation of Metal Nanoparticles (ISBN 9781849734288) 242 pages, 2012
Edited by Rafael Luque and Rajender S Varma

This is the first multidisciplinary edited book covering the very basics to the more advanced, trendy developments, containing a unique blend of nano, green, renewable and bio.

Alternative Solvents for Green Chemistry, 2nd Edition (ISBN 9781849735957) 350 pages, 2013
Authored by Fran Kerton and Ray Marriott

This book, appropriate for newcomers to the field, gives an overview of the many different kinds of solvents including alternative greener solvent choices.

Rsc Green Chemistry: Green Reactions Set: Rsc (Hardcover)




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