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Richard P Vine; Ellen M Harkness; Sally J Linton

Richard P Vine; Ellen M Harkness; Sally J Linton Winemaking : From Grape Growing to Marketplace (Edition 2) (Hardcover)

Richard P Vine; Ellen M Harkness; Sally J Linton Winemaking : From Grape Growing to Marketplace (Edition 2) (Hardcover)

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Over the past several decades, consumer interest in the fine vintage wines produced by small "boutique" vintners across the United States has grown to rival that of many European estates. This attention continues to intensify, especially for the truly good wines that are reasonably priced. Consumers are, however, unforgiving- especially wine enthusiasts. Second-class wines do not succeed just because a vintner is new. The methods and controls essential to vintners in the production and marketing of top-grade wines have advanced. This second edition of Winemaking has updated and, in some cases, completely revised the material associated with these disciplines. Fine wine is much like other art forms, as it is the infinite variability of factors pertaining to the subject that renders it so complex-and able to attract buyer's attention. Hundreds of different vine varieties are cultivated around the world, and no doubt an even greater number of fruit and berry cultivars. Andwith the addition of such factors as terroir (soil and climate attributes) changing every vintage season, varied vineyard cultivation and harvesting techniques, advancing production technology, dynamic markets, and overall operational philosophy, one can easily understand the enormous breadth and depth of variation that exists. This diversity generates an unimaginable number of different wine possibilities. • ISBN:9780306472725 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:2002-10-31





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Sally J Linton, Ellen M Harkness, Richard P Vine





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October, 2002

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