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Raybestos Specialty - Street Performance S-Groove Brake Rotor, 980664PER

Raybestos Specialty - Street Performance S-Groove Brake Rotor, 980664PER

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Raybestos Specialty Performanc Brake Rotor is specifically designed for demanding drivers looking for supreme performance. This rotor is ideal for high-performance situations, towing, increased weight demands and street performance. Raybestos Specialty Performance Rotors provide improved pedal feel, lasting rust prevention and increased pad life. The result, less pedal effort and more braking power. These rotors exceed the fit, form and function of the OE to deliver dependable performance and durability.

Raybestos Specialty - Street Performance S-Groove Brake Rotor:

Applications - Street performance, truck, SUV and luxury car applications
Enhanced metallurgy - For increased performance demands helps suppress noise and keeps brakes running cool, quiet and vibration free
Protective coating - Helps to reduce rust for optimal airflow, cooling and improved appearance for a clean, finished look
Patented S-groove slot - Maximizes pad to rotor contact for stronger bite, smoother braking and increased pad life
Vehicle specific designs - Match OE form, fit and function for ultimate strength and increased pad life
Tightest lateral run-out - 0.05mm (0.002”) or less for reduced pedal pulsation, brake noise and extended pad life
Mill balanced edges - 100% validation ensures proper balance and minimizes vibration


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