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Raybestos Element3™ New Plated Calipers

Raybestos Element3™ New Plated Calipers

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Raybestos® Element™ plated calipers are a revolutionary line of calipers made with 100% newly manufactured materials. Element3™ calipers are not rebuilt and not remanufactured. Raybestos® revolutionized the brake industry by being the first to market with a non-remanufactured caliper. Designed and manufactured to strict engineering standards, these calipers offer original-equipment precision at a fraction of the cost of OE. Our Element3™ plated calipers completely eliminate the hassle of returning the core. Since the Element3™ caliper is made with newly manufactured materials, there is no need to return the core of the old caliper. This saves you money up front, saves you the headache of having to return the core and saves you space on your shelves. • Designed to match OE specifications • Made with newly manufactured materials, offering unparalleled style and performance • Zinc plating on cast iron housings and brackets delivers superior corrosion resistance in the harshest of elements • Friction-ready, giving you the freedom to customize the brake pads for each application • EPDM70 rubber components for superior heat resistance, performance and durability • Silicone boots for heavy-duty applications • Brackets and pad abutment hardware included, where applicable • Pre-lubricated guide pins • Surface finish to closely resemble OE




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