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Raybestos Element3™ Coated Rotors

Raybestos Element3™ Coated Rotors

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New open wheel designs leave brake components more exposed, and aggressive de-icing chemicals can accelerate corrosion. If a rotor is uncoated, red rust can form immediately. Raybestos Element3™ coated rotors combine a full Grey Fusion 4.0 coating with OE-matched materials, design, dimensions and manufacturing process. The combination of this proprietary finishing technology and vehicle-specific engineering promotes long-lasting protection from rust, optimal cooling, best-in-class performance, ultra-smooth braking and maximized life. This was developed for the everyday driver looking for exceptional performance.

• Grey Fusion 4.0 coating for long-lasting rust protection makes Element3™ rotors the perfect choice for prolonged exposure to rain, salt, snow and harsh road chemicals • OE-matched, G3000 qualified material provides structural integrity and maximum service life • Lateral runout of 0.004” or less and a thickness variation of less than 0.0005” ensures less pedal pulsation, less brake noise and extended pad life • Mill balancing helps minimize the thickness variation on the rotor and leads to proper balance, minimized vibration, and quieter stopping


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