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PETSWORLD Cat Pee Pad Litter Box Refills for the Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System, Absorbs Odors, Unscented, 400 Pack

PETSWORLD Cat Pee Pad Litter Box Refills for the Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System, Absorbs Odors, Unscented, 400 Pack

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PetsWorld Unscented Cat Litter Pads are five-layer pads that can be used with Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System. The non-woven top layer allows liquid to pass through to the second layer. This layer of paper tissue is infused with smell nutralizers that trap and eliminate ammonia smells. The absorbent core locks in liquids and can hold up to five cups. Moreover, there’s another layer of paper tissue and a waterproof backing that protects surfaces from liquid smells and stains. These cat litter pads measure 11 by 17 inches and help control smell for up to one week for a single cat.

If you're filling the litter box with the "old-fashioned" litter and using a basic pan, you can smell that litter several rooms away; if you can't, you may have gone nose blind. Ask a close friend if they can smell the litter box when they visit. Then switch to one of the new systems and line the tray with one of our liner pads and ask again. You and she will be amazed at how the odor has disappeared. Do yourself a favor and toss a pack into your cart. You'll thank yourself later.

  • Masks ammonia and poop odors - visitors will no longer know you have a cat simply by walking in the front door
  • Strong Absorption: Extra strength to absorb your cat's pee. And its large size will keep your box clean
  • Redesigned: Created to fit many different cat litter systems, the PETSWORLD litter liner makes changing the pad a breeze
  • Quick-Dry; No Puddling: The pad's inner core turns your pet's urine into gel. Regardless of how often your kitty goes, the pad will absorb the urine quickly
  • You'll Love Changing the Litter: We're joking, of course. No one loves changing the litter but a great litter box system along with our pads keeps the chore manageable. Toss a pack into your cart today




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