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O-Cedar QuickWring Bucket, 2.5 Gallon Mop Bucket with Wringer, Red

O-Cedar QuickWring Bucket, 2.5 Gallon Mop Bucket with Wringer, Red

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Featuring an innovative inner-bucket wringer, the patented QuickWring Bucket makes mopping quick and easy by doing the hard work for you. This hands-free system allows for effective moisture control by wringing excess water from your mop head directly into the wringer bucket. For added convenience, the bucket features a rubberized handle for convenient carry and an integrated spout for easy pouring. This O Cedar mop bucket holds up to 2.5 gallons of liquid so you don't have to keep refilling.

O Cedar QuickWring Bucket with Torsion Wringer, 2.5 Gallon Mop Bucket

  • Mop bucket with wringer for hands-free wringing
  • Holds 2.5 gallons of liquid
  • Rubberized handle for convenient carry
  • Integrated spout for easy pouring
  • Patented technology
  • Recommended for use with the Microfiber Cloth Mop

Use & Care

Store bucket in dry conditions. Do not expose to excessive sunlight.

About O-Cedar

People have trusted O-Cedar brand products for over 100 years to make their lives easier with dependable household products that help get their cleaning jobs done right.




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