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Nolan Stolz

Nolan Stolz Listener's Companion: Experiencing Black Sabbath : A Listener's Companion (Hardcover)

Nolan Stolz Listener's Companion: Experiencing Black Sabbath : A Listener's Companion (Hardcover)

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Stolz explores Black Sabbath's nineteen studio albums, several live albums, and additional studio tracks, urging readers to reassess the work of this seminal act in American rock music history. The book uncovers how Black Sabbath's song catalog explored and defined the musical... Black Sabbath has often been credited with inventing heavy metal with their first album released in 1970. Their new style of music was loud, brutal, scary, innovative, and it has greatly influenced heavy metal bands since then. Their five decades of music cross generations of fans, and they remain relevant to this day, with their 2013 album charting #1 in the United States and at least five other countries. In Experiencing Black Sabbath: A Listener's Companion, musician and scholar Nolan Stolz leads the reader through Sabbath's twenty studio albums and additional songs, closely examining their music and the storied history of the band. Along the way, Stolz highlights often-overlooked key moments that defined Sabbath's unique musical style and legacy. Band members' own words illuminate certain aspects of the music, and Stolz makes connections from song to song, album to album, and sometimes across decades to create an intricate narrative of the band's entire catalog. Experiencing Black Sabbath reveals the underappreciated genius of these heavy metal progenitors to all rock music lovers and gives even the most fervent Sabbath fans a new perspective on the music. • Author: Nolan Stolz • ISBN:9781442256910 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:2017-11-08




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Listener's Companion


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Nolan Stolz


Experiencing Black Sabbath



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November, 2017

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