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Nitto NT420S 275/55R19 111 V Tire.

Nitto NT420S 275/55R19 111 V Tire.

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Attention! Due to the size of the tires, Packages might be SEPARATED in the courier facility and not be DELIVERED on the SAME DAY, even though we do ship them together. Tracking information can be checked on the couriers website with the master tracking number you will receive via email. For example: You can receive 3 tires in one day and the 4th one the next day or the day after, or one tire in one day and the second one day after.

Nitto NT420S


  • All weather traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Longer lasting tread life


The Nitto NT420S is a performance and high performance, all season tire manufactured for SUVs.

The tire provides great all weather traction. The asymmetric non-directional tread pattern keeps the tire's road contact at all times, while its siping detail and the silica-based tire compound firmly grip the dry, wet and winter weather road surface. The sipes increase the number of biting edges that grip the road, while the tread design maintains constant road contact to guarantee a safer driving experience. The silica in the tire compound keeps the tire's flexibility even in colder temperatures and ensures a secure driving experience. The tread's center area improves the hydroplaning resistance as its wide grooves disperse water and slush from below the tire's footprint. This results in a secure all weather driving experience.

The tread design's maintained road contact upgrades the model's controllability and maneuvering. The outer shoulder tread design enhances the road-to-tire ratio which improves the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The steering is faster and more precise in its response to the driver's commands, while the structure is secured against the driving pressure affecting the tire year round. This tread design also heightens the number of biting edges that firmly grip the road surface. The stronger biting edges upgrade the cornering and maneuvering capability in all weather. The asymmetric tread also manages to evenly distribute the driving pressure which prevents its shape from deforming under the pressure, providing a superb high speed performance. In this manner, the tire guarantees a safer performance all year round.

The NT420S offers a longer lasting tread life. The non-directional asymmetric tread design allows the tire to be cross rotated to ensure even tread wear throughout the tire's lifetime. The tread also manages to equally spread out the forces of acceleration, cornering and braking to prevent irregular tread wear formations across the entire tread area. The extended tread life and usability make the model more cost efficient.

  • Size: 275 55R19
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Performance
  • Car Type: Truck/SUV
  • Load Range: SL
  • Product May Vary From Picture
  • Tire Rim Not Included



Size: 275 55R19, Season: All Season, Performance: Performance, Car Type: Truck/SUV

Tire Size


Vehicle Type

Light Truck/SUV

Tire Width


Wheel Diameter


Tire Speed Rating


Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG)

420 A A

Tire Traction Rating


Tire Treadwear Rating


Tire Season


Tread Depth




Assembled Product Weight

37.92 lb



Manufacturer Part Number




Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

30.98 x 11.02 x 30.98 Inches

SKU: WA43081494

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