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Nintendo Switch Leg Strap

Nintendo Switch Leg Strap

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Nintendo Switch Leg Strap

Kick and run in place with the Leg Strap accessory

Get moving in the Nintendo Switch™ Sports game with the Leg Strap accessory. The Leg Strap accessory and Joy-Con™ (L) controller work together to help turn your real-world leg movements into in-game motions, like kicking the ball in Soccer. Simply insert the Joy-Con (L) controller into the slot and strap it to your leg and you’ll be able to intuitively kick the ball in Soccer Shoot-Out! Other Soccer matches will take advantage of this accessory via a future free software update for Nintendo Switch Sports. Be sure to check for more details when available.
The Leg Strap accessory is compatible with the Nintendo Switch™ Sports and Ring Fit Adventure™ games and can be purchased separately for those who have the digital version of Nintendo Switch Sports or want a second Leg Strap for their same-system Soccer sessions*.

  • Get moving in the Nintendo Switch Sports game with the Leg Strap accessory
  • By inserting a Joy-Con (L) controller into the Leg Strap accessory you can play Shootout mode with intuitive kicking motions
  • Compatible with the Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure games
  • Recommended for those who have purchased the digital version of Nintendo Switch Sports**

*Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.
**Leg Strap accessory required for some Soccer game play


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