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Night Owl

Night Owl 10 Channel 4K Wi-Fi NVR with 1TB Hard Drive and 3 Wire Free (Battery) 1080p HD Spotlight Cameras

Night Owl 10 Channel 4K Wi-Fi NVR with 1TB Hard Drive and 3 Wire Free (Battery) 1080p HD Spotlight Cameras

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Night Owl® is excited to offer our U.S. designed and engineered 4K HD Wi-Fi Bluetooth® Network Video Recorder with Wire Free 1080p Spotlight Cameras and Pre-Installed Hard Drive. This system comes with 1080p wire free cameras, but is 4K ready and can accommodate our 1080p and 4K Wi-Fi devices. With Secure App-Based Bluetooth® Setup, there is no need to connect a TV or monitor for setup or viewing (optional). Our patent pending recorder has built-in Bluetooth® technology, making it easy for you to configure your system right from the app on your smartphone or tablet. While a TV or monitor is not required, with Google Assistant you can use simple voice commands to stream camera footage directly to your TV or monitor, all while remaining hands free. Each camera has 2-Way Audio (talk & listen) as well as a built-in siren and preset voice alerts. From within the app, you can easily activate the built-in siren, startling intruders and sending them packing. Have a guest but can’t get to them? Use a preset voice alert to let them know! Human Detection Technology with Vehicle Alerts reduces the risk of false alarms, keeping you safe and well protected. Motion-activated dual spotlights flood your yard with bright lights when human motion is detected, instantly warding off trespassers. Need more coverage? You can easily add up to 10 total compatible Wi-Fi devices (BWNIP2, WNIP2 or WNIP8 Series). y stored on a hard drive for local storage. You can view and download the recordings as you need them. This system provides the latest technology to give you the ultimate security experience. NOTE: Your Wi-Fi NVR is compatible with our BWNIP2 (Wire Free), WNIP2 (Wi-Fi IP) and WNIP8 (Wi-Fi IP) Series devices and is not backward compatible with other Night Owl® products.

• Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.: At Night Owl®, all products are safely designed and engineered in the United States. We are proudly compliant with Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which helps ensure our country’s safety and yours.

• Secure App-Based Bluetooth® Setup: Set up and control our patent pending recorder right from the app on your Smart Device via a secure Bluetooth® wireless connection. Our app and your system are password protected to shield your data. No TV or monitor is required.

• We Prioritize your Privacy: We value your privacy as much as you do. Your recordings and data are for your eyes only and are kept secure on the pre-installed hard drive. Additionally, with 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On we protect your information while making access convenient.

• 4K Ready 10 Channel Wi-Fi NVR: Your system comes with wire free 1080p HD cameras, but is 4K ready. Easily add our Wi-Fi IP 4K HD cameras to boost your coverage and see more intricate details.

• Secure Wireless Network: Your security camera feed and personal data are securely stored on the hard drive and your system is not reliant on cloud storage. An independent wireless network provides uninterrupted video transmission, which is not dependent on Internet for recording, playback or live view from a TV or monitor. You control who has access to your system.

• Battery Powered for Wire Free Flexibility: Your wire free security system comes with wire free battery-operated cameras, so there’s no need for rewiring or disguising a conspicuous cord.

• Hassle-Free Charging Options: Each camera requires 2 rechargeable batteries, can hold up to 4, that can be conveniently charged while the camera remains mounted. (Number of included rechargeable batteries varies by model)

• Amplified Coverage with Built-In Audio Features: Use the app to send a preset message to a guest, ward off trespassers with a loud siren or listen & talk with someone on your property with our clear and static free 2-Way Audio.

• Built-In Dual Spotlights: Powerfully bright motion-activated dual spotlights put intruders on notice and provide full-color viewing and recording at night.  

• Human Detection Technology with Vehicle Alerts: Instantly be alerted with Human Detection and Vehicle Alerts right to your smartphone or tablet.

• No Monthly Fees: All recordings are stored locally on the pre-installed hard drive to safeguard your privacy. No mandatory cloud, subscriptions or storage fees.

• Free Night Owl® Mobile App: Monitor and manage your security system in real-time from your mobile device.



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