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MSD 2363 Distributor

MSD 2363 Distributor

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This new pro-billet distributor features an adjustable cam sync pickup as well as a magnetic pickup inside the distributor to trigger the ignition control. The hall-effect sync pickup is adjustable up to 60 degrees BTDC to meet the needs of most aftermarket ECUs and even is crimped with a common 2-pin weathertight connector. A great new feature is the two piece adjustable rotor that is supplied. This assists in setting up the proper rotor phasing for accurate timing and spark. This distributor must be used with an MSD 6, 7, 8 or 10-series ignition.
  • Two Pc. Adj. Rotor Assists In Proper Rotor Phasing
  • Billet Aluminum CNC Machined For Closer Tolerances
  • Must Be Used w/MSD 6/7/8/10-Series Ignitions
  • Pickup Is Adjustable Up To 60 deg. BTDC
  • Features An Adjustable Cam Sync Pickup
  • Sync Dist;Rotor Phas; Ford FE; Steel
  • Great For After Market EFI Systems
  • Accurate Timing And Spark
  • Comes w/Steel Gear
  • Distributor
MSD 2363 Distributor


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