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Moultrie Mobile 32 Megapixels DELTA Cellular Game Camera - VERIZON

Moultrie Mobile 32 Megapixels DELTA Cellular Game Camera - VERIZON

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The New Moultrie Mobile DELTA camera combines the quality and reliability of Moultrie Game Cameras with its revolutionary Moultrie Mobile technology to deliver images from the field directly to your smartphone, tablet, and computer. The DELTA operates on the Verizon 4G cellular network and is loaded with the impressive features like 32-megapixel images with optional High Dynamic Range Images, an 80-foot invisible Flash and Detection range, a blazing fast 0.35 second trigger speed, a 42-degree field of view, and the ability to send 10 second video transmissions. Additional camera features include up to 12 months of battery life, GPS location, and adaptive PIR Sensitivity modes (high, medium, low). The DELTA comes with 2 antennas, one external primary that attaches and one internalized diversity antenna, along with a heavy duty mounting strap (8 feet x 1 inch wide) to position against trees, posts, etc.

Moultrie Mobile 32 MP DELTA Cellular Game Camera - Verizon:

  • 32 Megapixels Camera Resolution with High Dynamic Range Images
  • Up to 12 Month Battery Life
  • 80-foot invisible Flash and Detection Range
  • 0.35 Second Trigger Speed and 42-degree Field of View
  • Includes Heavy-duty mounting strap (8 feet long x 1 inch wide)



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