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Mind Reader

MIND READER Umbrella Stand for Indoor or Outdoor [10.31" L x 10.31" W x 19.61" H] Metal Mesh Entryway Organizer Rack and Holder for Umbrellas, Walking Sticks and Canes (WHITE)

MIND READER Umbrella Stand for Indoor or Outdoor [10.31" L x 10.31" W x 19.61" H] Metal Mesh Entryway Organizer Rack and Holder for Umbrellas, Walking Sticks and Canes (WHITE)

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Looking for an umbrella stand for your entryway? The MIND READER Umbrella Stand is the perfect solution.It comes in a metal mesh design for better airflow to help those umbrellas efficiently dry. The mesh design also helps you view and access your umbrellas easily and quickly. At 19.61 inches high, it’s not a tall umbrella holder, but it will effectively hold umbrellas of different sizes. You also have three elegant colors to choose from. So you can have a black umbrella stand, a white umbrella stand or a silver umbrella stand. The design is modern and understated and won’t draw attention to itself. It can complement any room and any aesthetic.The MIND READER Umbrella Stand isn’t just for umbrellas. You can use it as a cane holder, a walking stick holder and much more. And you can use it anywhere! Use it at home to organize your entryway. Provide your guests with a wet umbrella holder for those rainy days. It’s also perfect at the office to greet clients or keep it for yourself and your co-workers. Place it outdoors for an outdoor umbrella stand or indoors as an indoor umbrella stand.This product comes ready to use. You won’t need any tools. It’s also a cinch to clean. Just empty any water that’s collected at the base and wipe it down with a cloth. Simple! This item is built to last. Use it throughout the seasons, all year round. It’s also perfect as a housewarming gift or for a new business. It’s also a thoughtful present for cubicle spaces or office spaces.The MIND READER Umbrella Stand won’t be available forever. Choose a color and order today!
  • DURABLE MESH DESIGN: This item comes in a metal mesh design for maximum airflow and easy access. It is also built to last and good to use year-round.
  • MODERN DESIGN: It won’t call attention to itself. The understated design makes it a complement to any room aesthetic or setting.
  • MESS-FREE: The base of the rack has been designed to ensure that water from wet umbrellas will not spill over the floor and avoid mess and accidents.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Just empty any water that collects at the base and wipe with a cloth.
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.31" L x 10.31" W x 19.61" H inches
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This isn’t just for umbrellas. It can hold other items such as a walking cane or a walking stick and much more!
  • NO ASSEMBLY: This product comes ready to use. No tools necessary.
  • USE ANYWHERE: Great for entryways at home or at the office. It can be an indoor umbrella stand or an outdoor umbrella stand.
  • GREAT GIFT: Perfect housewarming gift and a thoughtful present for co-workers.
  • COLORS: It comes in three colors: black, silver, and white.



Mind Reader

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EMS Mind Reader LLC

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10.31 x 10.31 x 19.60 Inches

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