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Merkury Innovations

Merkury Innovations Galaxy Light Projector with LED Laser Projection Quality, Multicolor

Merkury Innovations Galaxy Light Projector with LED Laser Projection Quality, Multicolor

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A personalized, full-room galaxy effect you must experience to believe. The Merkury Innovations Galaxy Light Projector brings a stellar light show into your room. With LED and Laser projection technology, you can fill up your space with the moving starry night sky. Use the included remote to select from multiple colors, modes, and rotation speeds to create the perfect setting for any mood. Designed with a geometric shape so you can angle to face either the wall or the ceiling. And when you activate one of the Sound Sync modes, the light show will dance in-synch with your music! Powered by USB with wireless remote control included. A nebula of stars and lights that’s ready right out of the box. Turn your dorm or bedroom into a stellar sanctuary. Powered by USB, with Remote Control Included.

Merkury Galaxy Light Projector with LED Laser Projection

  • Multicolored Lights: Create the perfect mood with 7 distinct color combinations of star light. Each contains a wide-spread green laser light that immerses the entire room in a starry ocean effect. Rotates around the room at a customizable speed. Enable fast spins for parties and hangouts or have a slow turn for a soothing star-filled ceiling to relax or fall asleep to. Perfect for adults, kids, and even the nursery.
  • Remote Control Included: The wireless remote allows for complete control from the comfort of your bed. The remote has access to all 7 multicolor modes, the 4 sound-sync modes, and rotation speed. Customize your galaxy to have it glow and spin the way you want it to. The universe is literally in your hands! The remote battery is included, so you’re ready to light the sky right out of the box. What will you create?
  • Music Mode: Activate 4 different sound-sync modes for a truly unique light effect. The sensor on the projector picks up on music and flashes the LED lights to the tempo of the music. Sound-reactive mode enhances the party with a LED constellation that dances and flashes to the music that’s playing. The 4 different music modes vary from color-changing flashes to alternating strobe effects every other note. Find the mode that syncs with your genre and really make this party feel out of this world.
  • Multiple Angles: The Galaxy Light Projector is built with a geometric shape. This multi-faced design allows for resting the projector and virtually any angle. You can have the LED light shine bright up to the ceiling or rotate is slightly off to the side for a different take on the galaxy effect. The possibilities are endless. Perfect for when you want the setup off to the side of the room but the effect in the center of it.



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