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Matthew C Altman

Matthew C Altman Palgrave Handbooks in German Idealism: The Palgrave Kant Handbook (Hardcover)

Matthew C Altman Palgrave Handbooks in German Idealism: The Palgrave Kant Handbook (Hardcover)

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Series Editor's Preface


Notes on Contributors

Note on Sources and Key to Abbreviations

Introduction: Kant the Revolutionary: Matthew C. Altman

Part I. Biographical and Historical Background

1. Kant's Life: Steve Naragon

2. Kant and His Philosophical Context: The Reception and Critical Transformation of the Leibnizian-Wolffian Philosophy: Manuel Sánchez-Rodríguez

Part II. Metaphysics and Epistemology

3. Transcendental Idealism: What and Why?: Paul Guyer

4. Noumenal Ignorance: Why, for Kant, Can't We Know Things in Themselves?: Alejandro Naranjo Sandoval and Andrew Chignell

5. Kant's Concept of Cognition and the Key to the Whole Secret of Metaphysics: Chong-Fuk Lau

6. Apperception, Self-Consciousness, and Self-Knowledge in Kant: Dennis Schulting

Part III. Logic

7. The Place of Logic within Kant's Philosophy: Clinton Tolley

Part IV. Relation between Theoretical and Practical Reason

8. The Primacy of Practical Reason: Ralph C. S. Walker

9. A Practical Account of Kantian Freedom: Matthew C. Altman

10. Moral Skepticism and the Critique of Practical Reason: David Zapero

Part V. Ethics

11. How a Kantian Decides What to Do: Allen W. Wood

12. Duties to Oneself: Oliver Sensen

13. Demandingness, Indebtedness, and Charity: Kant on Imperfect Duties to Others: Kate Moran

14. Kant and Sexuality: Helga Varden

15. Kant in Metaethics: The Paradox of Autonomy, Solved by Publicity: Carla Bagnoli

Part VI. Aesthetics

16. Feeling the Life of the Mind: Mere Judging, Feeling, and Judgment: Fiona Hughes

17. On Common Sense, Communicability, and Community: Eli Friedlander

18. Immediate Judgment and Non-Cognitive Ideas: The Pervasive and Persistent in the Misreading of Kant's Aesthetic Formalism: Jennifer A. McMahon

19. Sublimity and Joy: Kant on the Aesthetic Constitution of Virtue: Melissa McBay Merritt

Part VII. Philosophy of Science

20. "Proper Science" and Empirical Laws: Kant's Sense of Science in the Critical Philosophy: John H. Zammito

21. From General to Special Metaphysics of Nature: Michael Bennett McNulty (with Marius Stan)

Part VIII. Philosophy of Religion

22. Kant on Faith: Religious Assent and the Limits to Knowledge: Lawrence Pasternack

23. The Fate of Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason: Martin Moors

Part IX. Political Philosophy

24. The Critical Legal and Political Philosophy of Immanuel Kant:

25. A Cosmopolitan Law Created by Cosmopolitan Citizens: The Kantian Project Today: Soraya Nour Sckell

26. Kant's Mature Theory of Punishment, and a First Critique Ideal Abolitionist Alternative: Benjamin Vilhauer

Part X. Anthropology, History, and Education

27. Denkungsart in Kant's Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View: Patrick R. Frierson

28. Kant on Emotions, Feelings, and Affectivity: Alix Cohen

29. The Philosopher as Legislator: Kant on History: Katerina Deligiorgi

30. Becoming Human: Kant's Philosophy of Education and Human Nature: Robert B. Louden

Part XI. The Kantian Aftermath, and Kant's Contemporary Relevance

31. Kant after Kant: The • ISBN:9781137546555 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:2018-01-07




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Palgrave Handbooks in German Idealism


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