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Marilee Joy Mayfield; Tracy La Rue Hohn

Marilee Joy Mayfield; Tracy La Rue Hohn The Snowman's Song : A Christmas Story (Hardcover)

Marilee Joy Mayfield; Tracy La Rue Hohn The Snowman's Song : A Christmas Story (Hardcover)

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Witness a miracle this Christmas...

On a snow-covered hill just outside the edge of town, a little girl stumbles upon a melancholy snowman who has spent his entire life wishing for the Gift of Song. The little girl makes the Snowman's life-long wish come true through a simple act of gratitude and compassion that brings young readers back to the true meaning of Christmas. You see, rather than the presents we receive, the most important gifts are those of selflessness and kindness.

From the author of A Mother's Love, Growing Up Sisters, and The Lights in the Church, Marilee Joy Mayfield's "The Snowman's Song" has quickly become one of the most popular Christmas children's books today!

Here, at Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream, we believe that children's books are more than just stories - they're vessels of inspiration, education, and imagination. Every book we publish is carefully selected to teach kids valuable lessons that will last a lifetime.

From the publisher who brought to you "Fiona Flamingo", "Right Now, I Am Fine", "Zen Pig", "A Mother's Love", "Bug Soup", and "The Super Tiny Ghost", "The Snowman's Song" is a welcome addition to our incredible collection of best-selling children's books!

• Author: Marilee Joy Mayfield,Tracy La Rue Hohn • ISBN:9781949474640 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:2019-11-15


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4 - 7 Years




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Marilee Joy Mayfield


The Snowman's Song



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November, 2019

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