Mariano Andrenucci

Mariano Andrenucci Electric Propulsion : Concepts and Implementations (Paperback)

Mariano Andrenucci Electric Propulsion : Concepts and Implementations (Paperback)

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Electric Propulsion: Concepts and Implementations discusses the core elements of an EP system with classic ion and hall thrusters, also including more recent thrusters (electrothermal, electromagnetic, and magnetoplasmadynamic) and an overview of system aspects affecting interface requirements and constraints. The book concludes with the development of electric micropropulsion and the future of space propulsion. It is ideal for an industrial audience from the aerospace sector who have an engineering or physics background and for specialist roles in propulsion system and component analysis, design and testing, project management, space system engineering, mission analysis and design.

Electric propulsion is a widely used technology on spacecraft, with half of all new satellites carrying full electric propulsion. In spite of the advancements over the last decades, there lacks a familiarity with EP thrusters and systems and EP technology mission enabling and enhancing benefits. This book provides these concepts in their latest developments such as hall thrusters and the broadening range of EP applications, both at lower (microsats) and larger (exploration, space transportation) power levels. • Author: Mariano Andrenucci • ISBN:9780128194300 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2021-03-01





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Mariano Andrenucci


Electric Propulsion



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August, 2023



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