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Marcus Bieder; Stefan Leupertz; Thomas Gutmann

Marcus Bieder; Stefan Leupertz; Thomas Gutmann Anh Zu §§ 305-310 : (Agb-Recht 2: Agb-Kontrolle Wichtiger Vertragstypen) (Hardcover)

Marcus Bieder; Stefan Leupertz; Thomas Gutmann Anh Zu §§ 305-310 : (Agb-Recht 2: Agb-Kontrolle Wichtiger Vertragstypen) (Hardcover)

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All volumes of commentary on Book 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB) may also be purchased by partial subscription. The reduced partial subscription price applies.

Staudinger -A comprehensive commentary of the German Civil Code, offering an ideal combination of innovation and tradition!

  • Tradition entails responsibility: since 1898 Staudinger has been associated with the German Civil Code and has shared in its development.
  • Competent: Staudinger is a reliable source of practice-oriented, expert information on changes and developments in legislation, court rulings and literature.
  • One step ahead: points of controversy or unsolved legal issues are systemically discussed in Staudinger and new, independent approaches to a solution are developed.
  • The German Civil Code and more: in addition to the commentary of the Civil Code, the complete Staudinger offers a comprehensive commentary of important supplementary legislation, as well as detailed explanations of private international law.
  • The German Civil Code and Europe: Staudinger consistently takes into account the influences and developments of European private Community law.
  • Timesaving: thanks to systematic and alphabetical outlines and a detailed subject index, you can quickly find the information required.
  • A team of experts at your side: 139 highly qualified commentators guarantee a high standard of competent information for use in theory and practice.
  • Tried and tested: Staudinger is in daily use in renowned law offices, notary's offices and courts.
  • Always up to date: the development of legislation and court rulings determines the publication dates of new volumes. Volumes are replaced as the need to update the content arises.
  • Decide for yourself: use Staudinger just as it suits you, without any obligation to take all publications: either by purchasing single volumes, by taking out a partial subscription or a full subscription.
  • No risk: test Staudinger for 2 weeks without any obligation and then decide if you want to buy.
  • Online: available only at juris
Anh Zu §§ 305-310: (Agb-Recht 2: Ausgewählte Verträge; Agb-Kontrolle Im Arbeitsrecht; Internationaler Geschäftsverkehr) (Hardcover)





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Domenik Henning Wendt, Daniel Rodi, Marcus Bieder, Tom Billing, Christoph Weber, Gerald Mäsch, Stefan Leupertz, Thomas Gutmann, Rüdiger Krause, Andreas Piekenbrock, Markus Stoffels, Matthias Wendland


Anh Zu §§ 305-310



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October, 2022



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