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M Z Cohn

M Z Cohn NATO Science Series E:: Partial Prestressing, from Theory to Practice : Volume I. Survey Reports (Series #113) (Paperback)

M Z Cohn NATO Science Series E:: Partial Prestressing, from Theory to Practice : Volume I. Survey Reports (Series #113) (Paperback)

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Paris, France, June 18-22, 1984 These volumes contain the edited documents presented at the NATO-Sponsored Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on Partial Pre8tre88ing, from Theory to Practice, held at the CEBTP Research Centre of Saint-Remy-Ies-Chevreuse, France, June 18-22, 1984. The workshop was a direct extension of the International Symposium on Nonlinearity and Continuity in Pre8tre88ed Concrete, organized by the editor at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, July 4-6, 1983. The organization of the NATO-ARW on Partial Prestressing was prompted by the need to explain and reduce the wide dirrerences of expert oph: iipn- on the subject, which make more difficult the accep- tance of partial prestressing by the profession at large. Specifically, the workshop attempted to: - produce a more unified picture of partial presetressing, by con- fronting and, where possible, reconciling some conflicting American and European views on this subject; - bring theoretical advances on partial prestressing within the grasp of engineering practice; - provide the required background for developing some guidelines on the use of partial prestressing, in agreement with existing structural concrete standards. The five themes selected for the workshop agenda were: (1) Problems of Partially Prestressed Concrete (PPC). (2) Partially Prestressed Concrete Members: Static Loading. (3) PPC Members: Repeated and Dynamic Loadings. (4) Continuity in Partially Prestressed Concrete. (5) Practice of Partial Prestressing. • ISBN:9789401084758 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2011-09-22




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M Z Cohn


Partial Prestressing, from Theory to Practice



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September, 2011

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