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M Capitelli

M Capitelli NATO Science Series C:: Molecular Physics and Hypersonic Flows (Series #482) (Paperback)

M Capitelli NATO Science Series C:: Molecular Physics and Hypersonic Flows (Series #482) (Paperback)

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Maratea, Italy, May 21-June 3, 1995 Molecular Physics and Hypersonic Flows bridges the gap between the fluid dynamics and molecular physics communities, emphasizing the role played by elementary processes in hypersonic flows. In particular, the work is primarily dedicated to filling the gap between microscopic and macroscopic treatments of the source terms to be inserted in the fluid dynamics codes.
The first part of the book describes the molecular dynamics of elementary processes both in the gas phase and in the interaction with surfaces by using quantum mechanical and phenomenological approaches. A second group of contributions describes thermodynamics and transport properties of air components, with special attention to the transport of internal energy. A series of papers is devoted to the experimental and theoretical study of the flow of partially ionized gases. Subsequent contributions treat modern computational techniques for 3-D hypersonic flow. Non-equilibrium vibrational kinetics are then described, together with the coupling of vibration-dissociation processes as they affect hypersonic flows. Special emphasis is given to the interfacing of non-equilibrium models with computational fluid dynamics methods. Finally, the last part of the book deals with the application of direct Monte Carlo methods in describing rarefied flows. • ISBN:9789401066044 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2011-09-26




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M Capitelli


Molecular Physics and Hypersonic Flows



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September, 2011

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