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Lydia L Sohn; Leo P Kouwenhoven; Gerd Schön

Lydia L Sohn; Leo P Kouwenhoven; Gerd Schön NATO Science Series E:: Mesoscopic Electron Transport (Series #345) (Paperback)

Lydia L Sohn; Leo P Kouwenhoven; Gerd Schön NATO Science Series E:: Mesoscopic Electron Transport (Series #345) (Paperback)

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, 25 June-5 July 1996, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles Ongoing developments in nanofabrication technology and the availability of novel materials have led to the emergence and evolution of new topics for mesoscopic research, including scanning-tunnelling microscopic studies of few-atom metallic clusters, discrete energy level spectroscopy, the prediction of Kondo-type physics in the transport properties of quantum dots, time dependent effects, and the properties of interacting systems, e.g. of Luttinger liquids. The overall understanding of each of these areas is still incomplete; nevertheless, with the foundations laid by studies in the more traditional systems there is no doubt that these new areas will advance mesoscopic electron transport to a new phenomenological level, both experimentally and theoretically.
Mesoscopic Electron Transport highlights selected areas in the field, provides a comprehensive review of such systems, and also serves as an introduction to the new and developing areas of mesoscopic electron transport. • ISBN:9789048149063 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2010-12-08




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NATO Science Series E:



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Lydia L Sohn, Gerd Schön, Leo P Kouwenhoven


Mesoscopic Electron Transport



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December, 2010

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