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Luca Missoni; Maurizio Bortolotti

Luca Missoni; Maurizio Bortolotti Luca Missoni: Moon Atlas: Limited Edition (Hardcover)

Luca Missoni; Maurizio Bortolotti Luca Missoni: Moon Atlas: Limited Edition (Hardcover)

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A signed and numbered print accompanies this limited edition of Luca Missoni's photographic study of the moon

Published in a run of 15 copies, this collector's edition includes the book Moon Atlas and a digital archival print, printed on Harman paper in semi-matte finish laminated on an aluminum sheet. The print is titled Moonshadow 005/V (2019); it measures 12.5 x 15.7 inches, and is signed and numbered by Luca Missoni.

Artistic director of the Missoni Archive, Luca Missoni (born 1956) has always cultivated a great passion for the moon. His interest in this celestial body originated in childhood when he began to explore the surface with a small telescope, back in the 1960s when space programs made the first lunar explorations possible. Subsequently, this passion led him to photograph the ever-changing appearance of the moon in a rigorous, almost scientific fashion, while, over the years, also pursuing his own artistic project.

• ISBN:9788862087186 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:2020-10-13





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Luca Missoni; Maurizio Bortolotti


Luca Missoni: Moon Atlas



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September, 2020

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