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Lexani LX-Twenty 255/55R19 111 V Tire

Lexani LX-Twenty 255/55R19 111 V Tire

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The Lexani LX-Twenty is a premium high performance tire specially designed for drivers who are looking for exceptional handling, durability, and year-round traction. Because this tire does pretty well in both wet and dry weather conditions, you can enjoy driving in it all year without any worry that it will give out on you. This is made possible by the asymmetrical/directional tread pattern which serves two purposes which is to drain water away from the tire and deliver traction in dry weather. Despite its asymmetrical pattern, this tire is still treated as a directional tire which means you can only drive it in one direction. Independent tread blocks and smaller grooves help enhance the tires grip and contact with the road. The internal structure consists of high quality materials which give it the durability it needs so it wears longer.
  • Delivers the best of both worlds with its asymmetrical/directional tread pattern that allow you to drive in both wet and dry weather conditions
  • Excellent stopping and cornering performance with its low profile
  • High performance tire rated for higher speeds so you can drive faster while still maintaining stable handling


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255 mm

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