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Kung Linliu

Kung Linliu Color Ink Jet Disc (IJD) for Mass Data Storage (Paperback)

Kung Linliu Color Ink Jet Disc (IJD) for Mass Data Storage (Paperback)

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Ink jet disc or IJD is an invention by the experience of author several years ago. In principle, the IJD capacity (disc size is the same as DVD) for mass data storage could be larger than 1 TB (terabytes) when the ink jet printing and the micro-spectrometer technologies are mature. Then cost down for end customers of personal computer users is only a manufacturing process.Here some thinking route and background is addressed in this book. The technology of ink jet printing has some progress within a decade. The experience of many technologies is that: "Something is only an imagination before, then becomes feasible at the present time."Spectral analysis instruments (or spectrometers) is applied for the detection of color. Spectrometer is a reader for data output, the ink jet printer is a writer for data input. Thus, ink jet disc (IJD) with a spectrometer has the features of data storage device. When the data amount of IJD is huge enough comparison to that of DVD or Blu-ray Disc, IJD might be used for mass data storage.Micro-grating is the main key for micro-spectrometer and can be applied to spectral analysis. The technology has the advantages of non-destructive, non-invasive, high sensitivity, high chemical discrimination rate and fast speed in data analysis.By miniaturizing and mass-producing the spectral analysis instrument through the micro-nano system process technology, the cost of IJD will decrease further for the customer to use with personal computer.When will the ink jet disc be ready for commercial products of personal computer users?"To drive a technology mature, the will of steel and the funding of project are two important factors. Color Ink Jet Disc (IJD) for Mass Data Storage (Paperback)


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