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Koyo Cooling

Koyo Cooling Aluminum Core Radiator, Plastic Tank

Koyo Cooling Aluminum Core Radiator, Plastic Tank

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Koyo Cooling Radiator

Plastic Tank / Aluminum Core Radiator

Koyo radiators are available in plastic tank and aluminum core. The Nocolok brazing line keeps the highest quality standards, bringing you superior products you can rely on.

The Koyo Cooling radiator has been engineered to the highest standards and incorporates application specific mounting locations for all fan shrouds, inlet-outlet hoses and top-bottom mounting pins, ensuring quick and pain-free installs.

Features and Benefits:

  • All Aluminum Core and Plastic Tank
  • OE Style mounting brackets and hose connections
  • Integrated transmission oil cooler when applicable
  • Compact and lightweight
Koyo Cooling Aluminum Core Radiator, Plastic Tank NLA 1/15



Koyo Cooling

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Koyo Cooling

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