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Keith Frye

Keith Frye Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences: The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy (Series #4) (Hardcover)

Keith Frye Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences: The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy (Series #4) (Hardcover)

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The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy provides comprehensive, basic treatment of the science of mineralogy. More than 140 articles by internationally known scholars and research workers describe specific areas of mineralogical interest, and a glossary of 3000 entries defines all valid mineral species and many related mineral names.
In addition to traditional topics - descriptions of major structural groups, methods of mineral analysis, and the paragenesis of mineral species - this volume embraces such subjects as asbestiform minerals, minerals found in caves and in living beings, and gems and gemology. It includes current data on the latest in our geological inventories - lunar minerals. It describes the properties, characteristics, and uses of industrial resources such as abrasive materials and Portland cement. A directory will guide traveling mineralogists to the major mineralogical museums of the world, with their special interests noted. Clear technical illustrations supplement the text throughout.
To help the student and professional find particular information there are a comprehensive subject index, extensive cross-references of related topics (whether in this volume or others in the series), and reference lists to background information and detailed advanced treatment of all topics.
The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy is a valuable reference and source for professionals in all geological sciences, for science teachers at all levels, for collectors and `rock hounds', and for all who are curious about the minerals on earth or those brought back from outer space. • Author: Keith Frye • ISBN:9780879331849 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:1981-12-31




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Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences


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Keith Frye


The Encyclopedia of Mineralogy



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December, 1981

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