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Joy Razor Blades Refill Cartridges for Women, Five Bladed, 4 Ct

Joy Razor Blades Refill Cartridges for Women, Five Bladed, 4 Ct

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we get it, sometimes shaving is a chore and a razor is simply the tool you use to get the job done. plus, shopping for the right razor can feel overwhelming when all you're looking for is something that works. that's why we wanted to bring it all back to the essentials and be honest about what shaving really is-body maintenance. we know that nobody really enjoys shaving, so we're here to help you get a great shave and get it over with. put simply, we have you covered...just not in hair. our handy shaving razor has five blades that give you a comfortable shave according to super smart shaving science. other key features are the non-slip grip handle, so you avoid dropping joy on any questionable locker room shower floors, and a lubrastrip so you can avoid skin irritation which sounds pretty sci-fi, but actually it just helps avoid irritation while shaving. if you can't get enough joy in your life, try the 4-pack of razor blade refills for your joy razor. That should do the trick.
  • Each refill has FIVE BLADES, which, according to shaving science, can help give you a comfortable shave
  • This pack comes with four razor blade refills means you're four times more likely to have a refill cartridge when you need one
  • Protective LUBRASTRIP, which is 100% a real word that will help you achieve a smooth shave
  • Makes a great gift for anyone who owns body hair and the joy razor
  • PAIRS WELL WITH GLEE, not just because they are synonyms, but because they are a razor and a shave gel




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