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Jerome Constantine Godfrey

Jerome Constantine Godfrey Jahiliyyah! - Before They Knew God (Paperback)

Jerome Constantine Godfrey Jahiliyyah! - Before They Knew God (Paperback)

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ADULT CHRISTIAN MEN ONLY! (Please order this ONLY AFTER having read "God Becomes Man.") Our adversary in the Middle East is using their religion as a military ordnance. Our secular government cannot dabble in religious matters. But the Constitution does not protect hostile ordnance in a foreign war, so We the People are free to address the religious questions. What horrid conditions in ancient Mecca compelled Muhammad to act and to speak so vehemently while advancing a new faith, that today's Muslim thugs can reference him as their highest authority? Are they misrepresenting their Prophet to us and to their own people? If Muhammad were not so desperate to put a stop to the horrid situation in Mecca, would he have preferred to advance Christianity? In order to form alliances with the neighboring cities to conquer his own hometown and his own tribe, how did Muhammad have to compromise his own faith? Muhammad was desperately disgusted, and as you read this, you will know how he felt. Jahiliyyah! - Before They Knew God (Paperback)





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Jerome Constantine Godfrey


Jahiliyyah! - Before They Knew God



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September, 2016

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