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James R Kahn

James R Kahn The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics (Hardcover)

James R Kahn The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics (Hardcover)

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"Environmental economics is an increasingly important area of research, though is often misunderstood by natural scientists, policymakers, and neoclassical economists alike. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics aims to bridge this gap, offering an expansive overview of the field's key concepts, practical applications, and interdisciplinary perspectives from a set of diverse and authoritative authors. Major themes of the collection include environmental regulation, valuation, sustainability, natural resources, impacts on risk and human health, among others. Articles introduce readers to the topic at an accessible level while also being of interest to high level scholars in environmental economics and related fields seeking greater understanding of the subject"-- This Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics focuses on the most important research topics in environmental and natural resource economics, with a treatment of close to 100 different research areas. Each chapter offers a critical analysis of key contributions to the field. The
contributions, authored by experts from institutions around the world, are useful for informing policy as well as future research.

The chapters will prove a vital point of demarcation for researchers and practitioners. It will be a good foundation for researchers who want to extend the frontiers of the state of the art in a given area of research, as well as those who want to base their empirical work on the best possible
theoretical pillars. Practitioners can more effectively develop policy, as they see the documentation of cause and effect relationships in the appropriate chapters. The chapters are an ideal starting point for Ph.D. students developing thesis topics.

Professors will want to assign chapters in the encyclopedia to undergraduate and graduates students in classes in environmental economics, natural resource economics, fishery economics, forest economics, economic development, health economics and sustainability. Students will find the chapters
useful as a starting point for writing research papers in these classes.
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics (Hardcover)





Oxford University Press, USA

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James R Kahn


The Oxford Encyclopedia of Environmental Economics



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May, 2022

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