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Jacob Bear; M Yavuz Corapcioglu

Jacob Bear; M Yavuz Corapcioglu NATO Science Series E: Transport Processes in Porous Media #202 (Edition 1) (Hardcover)

Jacob Bear; M Yavuz Corapcioglu NATO Science Series E: Transport Processes in Porous Media #202 (Edition 1) (Hardcover)

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This volume contains the invited lectures presented during the NATO/ASI conducted in Pullman, Washington, July 9-18, 1989. This is the third in a series of NATO/ASIs on transport pheNomena in porous media. The first two, which took place at Newark, Delaware in 1982 and 1985, are devoted to various topics related to the Fundamentals of Transport Processes in Porous Media. The contents of the books resulting from previous NATO/ASIs are given at the end of this book. Transport of extensive quantities such as mass of a fluid phase, mass of chemical species carried by a fluid phase, energy and electric charge in porous media, as encountered in a large variety of engineering disciplines, is an emerging interdisciplinary field. The groundwater flow, the simultaneous flow of gas, oil and water in petroleum reservoirs, the movement and accumulation of pollutants in the saturated and unsaturated subsurface zones, thermal energy storage in reservoirs, land subsidence in response to charges in overburden loads, or to pumping of fluids from underground formations, wave propagation in seismic investigations or as produced by earthquakes, chemical reactors, water flow through sand filters and the movement of fluids through kidneys, may serve as examples of fields in which the theory of transport in porous media is employed.

• ISBN:9780792313632 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:1991-08-31




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NATO Science Series E:


Springer Netherlands

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Jacob Bear, M. Yavuz Corapcioglu


Transport Processes in Porous Media



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August, 1991

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