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Hazel E Barnes

Hazel E Barnes Bison Book S: Humanistic Existentialism : The Literature of Possibility (Paperback)

Hazel E Barnes Bison Book S: Humanistic Existentialism : The Literature of Possibility (Paperback)

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Click for larger cover scan Humanistic Existentialism The Literature of Possibility Paper: 1959, X, 419, CIP.LC 59-11732 ISBN: 0-8032-5229-3 Price: $29.95 University of Nebraska Press -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This study in humanistic existentialism is highly informative as well as entertaining. It is a scholarly, detailed analysis of the literary art, the philosophical ideas, and the psychologies of Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Simone de Beauvoir. It is also a competent effort to explain the positive implications for the theory of freedom and possibility which lie half buried under this literature of nothingness, alienation, and absurdity. . . . Miss Barnes makes thoroughly enjoyable reading of a subject-matter which might have seemed forbidding."--Herbert W. Schneider, Journal of Philosophy. "Recommended unqualifiedly as the most thorough and reliable exposition of the works of Sartre, Camus, and de Beauvoir to have appeared in this country."--Willard Colston, Chicago Sun-Times. "Those who want a real understanding of existentialism instead of the usual superficial generalizations are certain to gain it from this book."--Walter Kaufmann, The American Scholar. "The book captures much of the forlorn dark grandeur of the existentialist vision of the human condition."--Yale Review. "The philosophy of Sartre is presented accurately and with rare elegance and simplicity. . . . The section on psychoanalysis compares Sartre to Freud, then to Horney and Fromm, then to the phenomenologists. The treatment is fair-minded and careful."--Robert Champigny, L'Esprit Créateur. • Author: Hazel E Barnes • ISBN:9780803252295 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:1962-09-01




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Bison Book S


Univ of Nebraska Press

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Hazel E Barnes


Humanistic Existentialism



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January, 1959

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