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H Ögelman; E P Van Den Heuvel

H Ögelman; E P Van Den Heuvel NATO Science: Timing Neutron Stars #262(Edition 1)(Hardcover)

H Ögelman; E P Van Den Heuvel NATO Science: Timing Neutron Stars #262(Edition 1)(Hardcover)

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The idea for organizing an Advanced Study Institute devoted largely to neutron star timing arose independently in three places, at Istanbul, Garching and Amster- dam; when we became aware of each other's ideas we decided to join forces. The choice of a place for the Institute, in Turkey, appealed much to us all, and it was then quickly decided that Qe§me would be an excellent spot. When the preparations for the Institute started, early in 1987, we could not have guessed how timely the subject actually was. Of course, the recently discovered QPO phenomena in accreting neutron stars and half a dozen binary and millisecond radio pulsars known at the time formed one of the basic motivations for organizing this Institute. But none of us could have guessed that later in 1987 we were to witness the wonderful discovery of the binary and millisecond radio pulsars in globular clusters and, -as if Nature wished to give us a special present for this the discovery in March 1988 of a millisecond pulsar in an eclipsing binary Institu- system, the first eclipsing radio pulsar ever found, and the second fastest in the sky! The discussion of this pulsar, its formation and fate was one of the highlights of this meeting, especially since its discoverers were among the participants of the Institute and could provide us with first-hand information.

• ISBN:9780792301011 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:1989-02-28




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NATO Science Series C:


Springer Netherlands

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H. Ogelman, E. P. J. van den Heuvel


Timing Neutron Stars



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February, 1989

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