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Gumout Octane Boost, 10 oz- 510022W

Gumout Octane Boost, 10 oz- 510022W

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Keep your engine clean with the Gumout Octane Boost, 10 oz. Your engine needs good, quality gasoline to maintain the best fuel economy and good combustion. Fill your tank with gas and then add this product to maximize the performance of your vehicle every time you fill up. It will help prevent knocks, pings and power losses in your vehicle. This gasoline octane booster should be used with every fill-up for best results.

Add entire bottle to nearly empty gasoline tank, then fill tank with up to 15 gallons of gasoline. Use every fill-up. Oxygen sensor safe. Safe for use in turbocharged and supercharged vehicles. Will not void OEM/manufacturer’s warranty.




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0.65 lb


Illinois Tool Works

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2.10 x 2.10 x 9.00 Inches

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