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Giuseppe Rossi; Nilgun B Harmanciogammalu; V Yevjevich

Giuseppe Rossi; Nilgun B Harmanciogammalu; V Yevjevich NATO Science Series E:: Coping with Floods (Series #257) (Hardcover)

Giuseppe Rossi; Nilgun B Harmanciogammalu; V Yevjevich NATO Science Series E:: Coping with Floods (Series #257) (Hardcover)

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Erice, Italy, November 3--15, 1992 Floods are natural hazards whose effects can deeply affect the economic and environmental equilibria of a region. Quality of life of people living in areas close to rivers depends on both the risk that a flood would occur and the reliability of flood forecast, warning and control systems.
Tools for forecasting and mitigating floods have been developed through research in the recent past. Two innovations currently influence flood hazard mitigation, after many decades of lack of significant progress: they are the development of new technologies for real-time flood forecast and warning (based on weather radars and satellites) and a shift from structural to non-structural flood control measures, due to increased awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and the adverse impacts of hydraulic works on it.
This book is a review of research progress booked in the improvements of forecast capability and the control of floods. Mostly the book presents the results of recent research in hydrology, modern techniques of real-time forecast and warning, and ways of controlling floods for smaller impacts on the environment. A number of case studies of floods in different geographical areas are also presented.
Scientists and specialists working in fields of hydrology, environmental protection and hydraulic engineering will appreciate this book for its theoretical and practical content.
• ISBN:9780792327066 • Format:Hardcover • Publication Date:1994-02-01




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NATO Science Series E:



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V Yevjevich, Nilgun B Harmanciogammalu, Giuseppe Rossi


Coping with Floods



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February, 1994

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