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Generic Premium Natural Thistle / Nyjer Seed Prefilled Sock, Wild Birdfood, 13 oz.

Generic Premium Natural Thistle / Nyjer Seed Prefilled Sock, Wild Birdfood, 13 oz.

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Thistle Seed is packed in a high quality, ready to use new mesh fabric sock. It is an instant feeder, which helps you to start feeding birds instantaneously without the inconvenience of pouring seeds in a feeder or cleaning the feeder periodically. Unwrap the packet, hang the sock for immediate feeding of the birds. These specially coated thistle seed filled in a mesh bag is a delicacy for wild birds and makes them come back for more. As these mesh socks have holes to accommodate clinging birds to feed, hence there are chances of seeds to fall inside the sealed packet. These are not wrapped with cling film to avoid the spillage of seeds as plastic harms the environment and we support 'Going green' to save the nature.

Features - 

  1. Sock feeder made up of new mesh fabric enables you to feed wild birds
  2. Seeds when filled in a Sock are secured through a drawstring and lock
  3. Efficient and Easiest way to feed the birds such as pine siskins, American gold finches, purple finches, House finch, Dark eyed Junco, chickadees, mourning doves, tufted titmice and many more.
  4. Pre Filled Thistle are high in oil and Fat content
  5. The Sock can be washed and refilled for multiple uses
  6. Seeds Prefilled in the Sock are heat treated to prevent unwanted seed growth in your yard
  7. Thistle Seed Sock with prefilled seeds are packed and processed in a USDA approved  facility 
  8. Our Seeds meet the quality standards set by the 'Wild Bird Feeding Industry' 



Instant Feeder- Ready to Use & Refillable



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