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Gavril W Pasternak

Gavril W Pasternak Receptors: The Opiate Receptors (Series #23) (Edition 2) (Paperback)

Gavril W Pasternak Receptors: The Opiate Receptors (Series #23) (Edition 2) (Paperback)

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This fully revised and expanded second edition covers the latest research on opiate receptors and related receptor subtypes. It discusses topics relevant to correlating the biochemical, physiological and pharmacological aspects of opiate reaction.

Chapter 1: You've Come a Long Way Baby! Solomon H. Snyder Chapter 2: The evolution of concepts of opioid receptors William R. Martin Chapter 3: Pharmacology of opioid drugs Brian M. Cox Chapter 4: Opioid receptors: the early years Gavril W. Pasternak Chapter 5: Endogenous opioids Iryna Berezniuk, Lloyd D. Fricker Chapter 6: Molecular biology of mu opioid receptors Ying-Xian Pan, Gavril W. Pasternak Chapter 7: Delta Opioid Receptors Wendy Walwyn, Fatima Macho Sánchez-Simon, Raquel Rodriguez, Christopher J. Evans Chapter 8: Kappa opioid receptor gene and the regulatory mechanisms of its protein expression Li-Na Wei, Horace H. Loh Chapter 9: Opioid receptor signal transduction mechanisms Ping-Yee Law Chapter 10: Mu opioid receptor mediated analgesia and reward Howard L. Fields Chapter 11: Kappa opioid receptor function Julia C. Lemos, Charles Chavkin Chapter 12: Delta opioid receptor function Edita Navratilova, Victor J. Hruby, Frank Porreca Chapter 13: Genetics of opioid receptor functions in mice Michael A. Ansonoff, Ting Wen, John E. Pintar Chapter 14: Opioid receptor trafficking Mark VonZastrow Chapter 15: Opioid receptor dimerization Raphael Rozenfeld, Ivone Gomes, Lakshmi A. Devi Chapter 16: Molecular modulation of in vivo tolerance Charles E. Inturrisi, Ann M. Gregus Chapter 17: Genetics of opioid actions Jörn Löetsch, Jeffrey S. Mogil • ISBN:9781617797217 • Format:Paperback • Publication Date:2013-01-25




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The Opiate Receptors



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